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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  October 12, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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giant. i can't stop thinking about it >> it was crazy. >> you know what else is crazy, the stock performance of twitter over the last couple of days >> interesting >> yeah, twitter it's quietly moving up keep an eye out. >> i'm miselsa lee thanks for watching. "mad money" is up next. my mission is simple to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere, and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money. welcome to cramerica other people want to make friends, i'm just trying to make you money. my job isn't just to entertain but to educate, teach and put it in context call me at 1-800-743-cnbc or tweet me @jimcramer. a day where the dow slipped 32
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points s&p backslid, nasdaq declined. stock market is a market like any other market. when there's too much demand, stocks go higher when there's too much supply as in the last couple of hours of the day, stocks go lower today you can see supply and demand dynamics in action. often forget that's what it's about. demand side of the equation. right now all about tech, transports, huge demand for semiconductor stocks, gaming stocks, data center, e-commerce, social media and so far. airlines, freight and railways where is the supply coming retail sector. bordering on travesty.
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so much merchandise for sale in the retail aisle of the stock market they're marking it down as if the whole store is closing. >> sell sell sell sell sell sell sell sell sell sell sell sell sell. >> it's a total liquidation sale oils are headed down too this is another story we've seen before too much oil in inventory and no place to put more of it. oil companies keep selling futures struck at $50 a barrel nothing has changed. crude simply can't be through this level finally a new glut of supply in bank stocks. this bodes poorly because it's just first day we get bank earnings reports and they're laying an egg, not what we predicted or expected. bank might turn out to be opportunity but not yet. plus leadership group and pulled down a lot of other stocks at
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the same time. go through one by one. start with positive. tech we're witnessing a wall street fom none supply is begetting demand rare as northern lights and when it happens, you have to marvel at it. $1.2 billion secondary offer from micron. told us it was going to sell a billion dollars worth of stocks and looked lielk $40 a share instead so many buyers wanting stock, upped it and priced at $41. couple of hundred million dollars more of stock. this stock, even though priced at $41 stayed above it most of the day. could have sold it and made money before pulling back hard this afternoon with the rest of the market incredible it hung on to that so
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long there's that much demand for semiconductor stocks big chunk up for sale, big institutions couldn't get enough of it. using money to pay down debt and rest to buy new equipment to build more chips this is important. if only used $1.2 million to pay down debt, people would say management is bearish on its own company's prospects. if only spent on machinery, felt like overwhelmed market with new chips like the oil market. crush pricing. instead it's happy medium and stirring interest in the whole industry including lam research buyers in social media stocks.
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based on nebulous advertising surveys that show that big consumer companies like what they see, return on investment no idea if the surveys are right. but sense that sellers of twitter and snap are at last after months and months finished at these levels. supply dried up, now buyers need to bay up to build bigger positions. e-commerce, amazon hovering around the $1,000 level for a couple of days sellers run out of gas buyers realize there's room for aggressive walmart and amazon. domination remains iish i would pin down the software i think believe microsoft will have good enough quarter it's worth getting in ahead of time new star on the horizon.
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dxc, information technology integrator help other companies figure out how to dijtsize. today is hides off less than stellar part of its business, government operations, move that could unlock a lot the value telling club members this is a good one because management is incentivized to get -- probably conservative and one more day there wasn't enough stock to go around in the transports buyers paid up for rails, freight and airlines i like when this group acts well shows that commerce is doing well hearing tales of price increases in airline business, stronger deliveries in the rails and anything good for amazon tracks for fedex, united parcel despite the overall decline in
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the markets bulls have to like the action in the transports where is the supply coming from? including what drove into negative newly public j. jill, mall staple reported shortfall, laterally in half. had been viewed as survivor, doing better than other stores only can conclude that mall traffic took another leg down in month of september that's another reason to buy amazon too many losers this retail to name but one that jumps out is -- beauty fallen from high giving up 18 points today on negative piece of research about near term sales to culprits and aggressive sefhora and you guessed it amazon.
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if amazon competes against you, investors will no longer -- walgreens, great company devastated by mere rumors that amazon might want to compete oil, stuck around 50 but stocks beginning to reflect potential breakout above $50 that seems elusive. sellers everywhere new to the list of suppliers of equity and most negative about what happened today, bank stocks j.p. morgan and sitty group reported strong stocks this morning. been ages since they had to build reserves about defaulted borrowers but talking about it city in particular mired in that discussion leading investors to believe it's beginning of new credit
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cycle. i think it's extreme but investors have lots of supply and want to unload it after the run on the bank stocks but before in the report these two supposed to be the best, what are the others going to look like i like the banks long term short-term we have to see all the banks' reports wouldn't touch until next week when investors come to senses and realize this is inevitable consequence. lot of people want to relate the new supply in bank stocks to washington people in america, higher insurance costs, rent and auto costs, can make consumer feel strapped tax cut promise ford middle class would help but i speak to ceos all day i don't know a single one in real world outside of washington who believes any tax relief is coming anytime soon. it's a nonevent. a very well covered nonevent
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don't forget this market is fickle oil and retail been a continual disappointment but supply comes out in tag and transports if they had weak earnings would see them come down banks looks like giving you a chance to scale into them at lower level. my advice, never buy on day one or two of a big selloff. will be most definitely more supply behind it john is louisiana. >> caller: i'm a huge fan of the show calling about election therapeutics new drug, approved for osteoarthritis what do you think is going to happen >> nice speculative situation which i like going to put a little bit of money in this company, i think
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it is fine don't want a lot because it's losing a huge amount of money but inspective, there's always a right to speculate i proffer s&p -- but speculation is fine. >> caller: looking at blackhawk? >> it's like a bad number. "black hawk down" good book by mark bowden and also "battle of hue. i'm tired of what i regard as intermittent good/bad situation in hawk. dean in north carolina >> caller: thank you for taking my call. first say thank you for all the work that you put in and help that you give the individual investors like myself. >> thank you
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staff does it with me. fantastic. >> caller: also a boo-yah from asheville, north carolina. >> how beautiful asheville is, probably only town my daughter's not visiting in thousand day trip around the country. >> got to get up here, beautiful. >> i know it's gorgeous. folks took me there. >> caller: question on crzo. i believe you liked it around 12-14 range. wondered how you view them now >> opportunity stock hit but oil group is trading group now. if you bought at 12-14 it's ka-ching time. oil isn't getting through $50 anytime soon supply and demand of actual merchandise called stock is what drives the actual action in the market why you shouldn't buy day one of
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big selloff like in the banks. more supply and "mad money" ahead. domino's reported earnings this morning that sounded good but stock fell like a rock what the heck is going on? i'm going to talk to the ceo rather than make up stuff like i heard all day. then, bull market emblematic of the move and proxy fight might be over. tell you what points will stick. you should stick with cramer >> announcer: don't miss a second of "mad money," follow @jimcramer on twitter have a question? tweet cramer, use the hashtag #madtweets send an e-mail to or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc miss something? head to
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sephora. what in the heck just happened to the stock of domino's pizza today been one of the strongest performers, not just in restaurant space rocketed from $10 in 2010 to
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$201 today up for the year. but after report this morning, stock tanked at one point down over $12 and fell $8 in the end reason at first glance didn't make sense. four cent earnings beat. higher than expected revenue and shifts, including overseas but drill down in the numbers some wag said the new accounting numbers drove most of the earnings and while fabulous in institute terms does represent a big acceleration from the 13.8% number a year ago. given that -- i think investors looking for excuse to ring the register be concerned or view the pull-back as buying opportunity. check in with patrick doyle, president and ceo of domino's pizza to learn more. welcome back to "mad money."
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>> appreciate it >> i know the company, not as wells awe, it's your company read over everything today my conclusion, i need it buttressed there was nothing wrong with the quarter, tremendous, but because the stock opened down big, colored the analysts' questions and made them look endlessly for something that was wrong >> it was a terrific quarter we're thrilled international business is back in that range of 3-6 we say you should expect. that's the range forric also over that at about 8 1/2 we feel great about the quarter, not going to worry about the short-term moves. >> because we have to drill down for good faith for our viewers, one analyst from bank of america says the domestic basic business basically had a slowdown in terms of franchise sales
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important? >> no, look we had a great quarter. i will take 8 1/2 comp all day long were rolling over really big numbers. on three year basis, something like 31 stack on three years i'll take 8 1/2 all day long. >> seems as if the stock was down, didn't understand the term stack. explain to viewers who are more concerned about the quarter than slowdown which you and i know didn't occur >> three or two-year stack, looking at what is growth that you're rolling over for each of the last three years if you look at last three years cumulative, same-store sales up 31% in the previous three years. and this quarter pe put another 8 1/2 on that.
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looking at almost 40% growth if you go back four years it's a terrific quarter. >> one last question about this issue. we did get the feeling once again, i reiterate it's because the stock was down people say wait a second, alternatives, people not eating pizza like there were, more competition is there >> they sure are eating pizza, category in the same range it's been in. we feel great about it >> let's talk about the future alexa and self-driving cars. what do they mean for domino's >> we've been talking about natural voice as how we think people are going to interact with technology for a while. we started investing in it three or four years ago, seeing that play out now alexa, our anywhere suite of products it's been the strongest for us in total number of
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orders keeps growing. google home is growing well. looking at other ways to use that that's important from ordering perspective and this relationship with ford and testing we've been doing on autonomous vehicles, figuring out now ways to deliver, it's going to take time but excited about it >> i'll be watching eagles play the panthers tonight and anyone who watches nfl sees a new series of ads about the destroying of old domino's we use as you know many times your technology to bring it to your house there are people who are confused patty, that mib you're trying to say something by making people go to stores, would be more lucrative. is the message being lost or just a cool thing? >> we've been reimaging our stores four-year process.
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basically done, fundamentally done by end of the year. want people to come in and see them give them opportunity to see the reimaged stores. even if most of the time getting delivery, it's great for us to do it and at the same time delivery is 35%, 40% of our -- i'm sorry, careout want people if they're carryout to come in to see the stores and get excited about it >> you can accelerated purchase that ended yesterday will you start a new one if board approved it. >> we have some left how and when we use that we'll determine as we're going we feel great about the asr, accelerated stock repurchase
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program we just completed, as you said, yesterday. average price 190, 191 >> 192 >> so we feel good about it. still got 250 million left on our authorization. and we'll make the term on when we're going to use it. >> far be it for me to tell you what to do but as someone who ran the program in goldman sachs, keep some aside for when the raiders come in. if they drive down the tock, what a great opportunity for you to have someone on the floor buying stocks. if they raid it, you can buy it. >> absolutely. all right. we'll take that under advisement. >> we know this was acceleration that you promised from last time
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and you made good. britain hurt and british numbers were great you're a man of your word patrick doyle of domino's pizza. >> thanks jim. >> nothing wrong with the story, just wrong selling "mad money" will be back >> get it from most trusted voice in business news on nbc nbc.
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that he wouldn't be able to retire until he was 68. the client realized, "i need to get back into the markets- i need to get back on track with my plan." the financial advisor was able to work with this client. he's now on track to retire when he's 65. having someone coach you through it is really the value of a financial advisor. i like this story because it really gets to the zeitgeist of the market as i told you before, recent run in this market has been incredibly broad-based nothing better than a market with a good breadth. what we call them. not just usual suspects or fang-driven market also quiet winners that received no coverage whatsoever at time when so many stocks come
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up so far so fast, worth calling attention to stealth performers that in many ways more emblematic of the advance than facebook or netflix or whatever. take lkq corporation $11 billion company you probably never heard of before. even as its stock has become a total juggernaut distributes alternative and specialty car parts that people use to repair or access rise vehicles, especially from car crashes. car market went into overdrive after hurricane harvey wrecked so many cars in houston. but stock of lkq roaring before april. this was on fire when everybody
6:28 pm
was writing off auto industry as road kill. stocks now up over 33% from early april lows beautiful chart. broke to fresh all-time high and setting new highs ever since like clockwork i spotted it when i reviewed charts over the weekend. i said what the heck is lkq? and what's driving it? what is driving this strength? does this unheralded stock have what it takes to keep climbing because lkq has been flying under the radar, more on what it actually does. major player because of acquisitions 220 deals since 1998 serial acquirer. replacement for car, bumper covers, body panels, brake pads, salvaged engines, odds are good mechanic is getting it from lkq.
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operates retail stores under the pick your part banner. caught fire in april after a difficult stretch where the numbers were disappointing and the share price got clobbered. when lkq reported last october, year ago cut full-year guidance, then in february a modest top and bottom line miss weaker than expected forecast. two weeks after that disappointing quarter, ceo stepped down for health reasons. while did name dominic zark own taking the job, lot of investors started worrying it was broken company, not just broken stock slammed in beginning of april. but as it turns out like so many times in this market, skeptics
6:30 pm
were wrong it was a fabulous buying opportunity. lkq vaulted from 28 at lows six months ago to 37 as of today how? lkq laying groundwork for years. smart acquisitions now bearing fruit. knows exactly what it's looking for in takeover target terrific record of integrating these deals. announced buying riag, a major european distribute are of aftermarket spare parts for passenger cars and commercial vehicles closed in 2015 and said it would be addive to earnings. february of last year, lkq buying pittsburgh glass works, automotive glass, $35 million. and said would be addive to
6:31 pm
earnings in 2016, aside from one time takeover expenses then anthony paige limited, british distributor. and then in swedish car parts and service change lkq going to take over the world? i think they're going to do it at the same time selling off the parts of the company they don't like liked pittsburgh glassworks for the distribution don't want to make the stuff sold manufacturing to vitro sab. deal closed in march since then taken a break from deal making. they have a lot to digest. but the key with acquisitions is spiking the numbers. 13.6% up less than a third organic
6:32 pm
growth when you look over the deals, lkq bought a lot of european-based businesses. you know how bullish i am in europe they're twice the size of the next closest competitor. big auto market. 770 million people, not all doing badly. and makes them more efficient because scale gives them buying power. timed this into europe perfectly. makes up 36% of company's sales. business on fire, euro is strong, translates well. european economy is recovering, growing faster than ours and delivered two beat and raise quarters in a row, obliterated the memory of the disappointments. management teams had figured out underpromise, overdeliver. and old ceo stepping down, old
6:33 pm
cfo stepping up. left without a cfo always worrisome to me but bringing in varun from the company we liked so much gived that he worked at johnson controls for near a a decade, the overhang is removed. can the stock keep roaring with no sponsorship and nobody having heard of it until tonight? it's not that expensive on earnings below the average stock, bargain relative to rest of the market company benefits from hurricanes not just because of demand for auto parts but the wrecked cars give salvage opportunities and just getting started building massive facility in u.k. people owning cars for longer in this country, need more maintenance and spare parts.
6:34 pm
only thing is here autonomous driving leading to less accidents. that's a long way off. bottom line, this is meat and potatoes story quiet, unheralded and under-the-radar winner that makes this market special. given the strength of the numbers and stock's cheapness, completely autonomous lkq has lot more room to run pull-back, give you chance to get to know the company, not just the initials, before you take the plunge. john in texas. >> caller: greetings from stevensville, deep in the heart of texas crane corporation.
6:35 pm
cr >> solid, good american industrial company aerospace technology it fits perfectly -- again the dpisks what is working in the market, plain vanilla industrial companies. that's a good one. dave in illinois. >> caller: so good to talk to you on day of thursday night football go birds >> rainy weather, 3-0 victory. >> caller: sounds good thoughts on design software and services company autodesk. showed solid results, outperformed estimates and stock rose 15% on the day. two q earnings in august outperformed, caused up to be 60% for the year as company transitions from license business to subscription
6:36 pm
business model, generating recurring revenue, do you see runway ahead >> thanks for calling. autodesk at 119 is same as adobe. going to get more points knocking back piracy but i love thatmodel add to the list of adobe service now and sales force. bailey in minnesota. home of the super bowl bailey >> caller: how's it going. >> what's up >> caller: i'm wondering what you think about canadian national rail. >> not my fave my fave, default to union pacific. arms around that a little bit. how about how good squires is doing at nfc
6:37 pm
unheralded guy, soft-spoken, all-time high. you ought to know lkq. more room to run more "mad money" ahead including how peltz might have had a point. and do your stocks have what it takes to survive unknowns in the market let me be the judge in tonight's edition of the lightning round stick with cramer.
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now that procter & gamble claimed an oh, so narrow victim ray in proxy fight with nelson
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peltz, can't wait to see if they take some of his advice after spurning the guy why not expect some change nearly half agree with peltz that they're too insular and that's what he was pushing for given the millions proctor spent to battle this, resonates more as endorsement of his positions than repudiation aside from proctor, estee lauder -- and the stocks act terribly three winners have in common run by executives who used to work at procter & gamble, born elsewhere, tremendous command of multiple international markets the naples-born ceo of estee lauder started at proctor, had a career there in global stocks.
6:42 pm
ceo of estee lauder in 2009, remarkable job traveled from $16 to $109 chief stamp is innovation, develops new exciting cosmetics faster than any smaller competitor could. laboratory of innovation understand what's local people want, what sells and where the markets are going like no one else what was proctor thinking when they let him get away? or german-born ceo of clorox came out of the marketing at proctor. dorer took charge of clorox in 2013 much of the move from acceleration in organic growth powered by innovation and huge push to online advertising, something that proctor cut back
6:43 pm
on earlier location in san francisco and emphasis on sustainability allowed dorer to tap into younger group of executives who want to work at consumer group but not work in cincinnati, proctor's home paul polman worked at proctor before taking over ceo of -- ul. he's embraced strategy of buying small branches and blowing them out in big way purchased dollar shave club or a billion smackers kept ceo mark dubon. first serious threat to gillette in that company's history. not like proctor's stock did nothing in the period.
6:44 pm
did fine i've been recommending it. not as well as these companies but fine boggles the mind that proctor let three amazing executives slip away. each could have been ceo by current board, all three better candidates than american insider appointed in 2009. poor performance where unileafer took it to them. baffling move, brought back previous ceo two truly pedestrian years by all accounts brought in north carolinian david taylor to run things you see the pattern. americans drumping foreigners when international markets are the key engines of growth. no wonder called insular see if heeds the call for outsiders. see what the vote meant. if not, stocks of clorox, estee lauder and unilever remain
6:45 pm
better buys. inovation, international growth and organic new products "mad money" is back after the break. your brain is an amazing thing. but as you get older, it naturally begins to change, causing a lack of sharpness, or even trouble with recall. thankfully, the breakthrough in prevagen helps your brain and actually improves memory. the secret is an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember.
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it is time it is lightning round. sound and lightning round is over are you ready? matt in massachusetts. >> caller: boo-yah calling about bristol-myers squibb bmy. >> coming back lost out in head-to-heads gu you got to like it one i've been buying is unfortunate alergen but eli looks good >> caller: wisconsin badgers >> go badgers. >> caller: 24-year-old investor. thanks for helping me pick many stocks for portfolio, up over
6:49 pm
80% in shares of mayeser what should i do >> hold on, they're the next irg. had little problem with israeli, whatever it was. but think it's pass. brad in missouri kr >> caller: thanks for taking my call go cubs. bought high max. >> i did say the other day it was inspect laive. stick with that. phil >> caller: first-time caller, recent investor, short-time viewer and member of the "mad money" fan club. thanks to you and your staff for all you do for the small-time investor >> we're all small-time in the
6:50 pm
real world. >> caller: iridium >> i recommended it a long time ago, good comeback but not a lot of mojo, something i that should have driven it up. donald in home state of new jersey >> caller: hey jimmy, boo-yah. king of the stock market stock in zagg. >> we spoke with them. think they have swag there's a lot to the company peggy in illinois. >> caller: baseball boo-yah from the chicago cubs >> what's going on >> caller: hoping to have mccormick celery salt for another 17,000 hot dogs they sell for every game at wrigley field. hoping it will keep going. >> it could be, like the acquisition. put franks on anything and more
6:51 pm
important, baltimore ravens in fantasy. that's the end of the lightning round. >> announcer: sponsored by td ameritrade he kept spelling my name with an 'i' but it's bryan with a 'y.' yeah, since birth. that drives me crazy. yes. it's on all your email. yes. they should know this? yeah. the guy was my brother-in-law. that's ridiculous. well, i happen to know some people. do they listen? what? they're amazing listeners. nice. guidance from professionals who take their time to get to know you.
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if there's one thing you can take away from this show, let it be the fact the market is fickle can change at any moment, sometimes without reason and may defy logic, why it's crucial to
6:54 pm
spread out investments in different sectors. don't get blindsided get diversified. best way to protect your portfolio, diversified, we play am i diversified tweet me, i'll let you know. tweet. @jimcramer, main street company finance. international -- am i diversified? >> this is not an easy one ab strus ideas here. let me do quick checking interesting, interesting yeah that's what i thought. five related okay here we go all right. now one of the reasons why -- you've got -- this is really
6:55 pm
hard these are really, really difficult. how do i -- okay charters i don't like. part of the problem. sorry. it's terrible. just don't want that vectren. pseudoutility. main street capital is specialty finance company. never recommend them j&j and dte energy work with that put in -- might come down a little add waste management and round it off with a -- why not -- let me see tough. major surgery i'm doing here no, no not tech don't want to do tech because it's run so much
6:56 pm
let's do pepsico i think it works fine. sorry i had to do so much searching but when you have these situations you have to pull them apart. duffy in pennsylvania. i'll do more work on vectren duffy. >> caller: boo-yah, go birds and shoutout to granddaughter madison marie and thank nurses and doctors robin and amy from penn keeping my wife alive >> i love the doctors. kept my father alive let's go >> caller: i dumped ge, got out of rite aid and chesapeake energy -- enterprise partners and halozin. >> that's three stocks, you kept
6:57 pm
others >> hanging on to -- forever. >> here's the problem. first the doctors are fabulous i thank them i love kratoo. keep that. enterprise products, you traded up cheniere i like it and okay but not both halozyme and clovis throw hallowzyme away. put that in. not had to work so hard in career but there you go. major surgery. stick with cramer.
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you tomorrow >> welcome to the shark tank, where entrepreneurs seeking an investment will face these sharks. if they hear a great idea, they'll invest their own money or fight each other for a deal. this is "shark tank." ♪ a stay-at-home mom who began her business in order to support her family. ♪ my name is kiersten and i live in los angeles, california, with my husband and my 12-year-old son and my 8-year-old daughter. i left my job to stay home with my kids, and then my husband lost his job, and so we desperately needed something to help pay the bills.


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